Special Events

    Kannon Do members and guests are invited to attend our bi-monthly retreats and other special events.

    Below is a list of upcoming special events for 2014.  The daily practice schedule is on the home page.

    September 3   September 6

    September 13       
    September 17
    Septermber 20
    September 24       
    September 27       

    Sangha Member Lecture: Phuong
    Introduction to Zen
    Garden Day
    Meditation in Life
    Dharma Talk, Guest speaker: Ruth Ozeki
    Sangha Meeting  
    Dharma Talk: Guest speaker: Misha Merrill
    Sewing Robes with Cornelia
                                  Doan Practice
    October 1                Sangha Member Lecture: Umar
    October 4                Introduction to Zen
                                  Garden Day
                                  Oryoki Training
    October 8                Zen Mind Beginners Mind Study,  #1
    October 11              One Day Retreat
    October 18              Sangha Meeting 
    October 25              Doan Practice
    November 1             Introduction to Zen
                                  Garden Day