Kaz Brush Mind Workshop

Brush Mind Half-day workshop with Kaz Tanahashi

Time: 11 am- 4pm, including lunch.

All materials will be provided.

About the workshop:

 Foundations of brushwork will be introduced in this half-day workshop.   Brushwork is a contemplative activity, and participants will be guided in meditative practices involved in the ancient art of calligraphy.  Participants will engage in mindfulness activities such as holding the brush, using ink, and practicing East Asian characters on regular paper and rice paper.

All materials will be provided.   There will be a potluck lunch from 

12-1 pm.  Participants are invited to bring a dish to share.  

About Kazuaki Tanahashi:

Kazuaki Tanahashi is a Buddhist scholar, calligrapher, and peace activist.  Born in Japan, sensei has travelled and taught worldwide.  He has been active with the SF Zen Center since 1977.  He is a well-loved teacher who teaches the way of peace through his presence and embodiment of the principle of non-separation. His primary teachers are Dogen, 13th century scholar, and Morihei Ueshiba, the originator of Aikido.