"How do we best welcome visitors?" - Brainstorm Meeting
Saturday, January 5th

This morning after zazen, several of us talked about how newcomers to Kannon Do too often do not  return after their first visit or do not stay for tea on Wednesdays, and so miss learning about our community and our practice. 
We decided to expand the conversation to see if we could find  ways to make visitors feel more welcome, so that they want to stay and then return again.
So for anyone who would like to join, we will meet on Saturday, January 5, after zazen, around 10:30, to brainstorm ideas  that would interest newcomers in wanting  to find out more about Kannon Do.
We also discussed how the opening paragraph of the website could be modified so as to speak more directly to the reader’s interest in looking for Zen practice, such as their spiritual exploration, either personally or in community.
Take a look at the Kannon Do website and see if you can come up with wording that would be more appealing at a personal level, that would create more interest. 
Bring your ideas to the Jan. 5 meeting.
We look forward to an interesting discussion.